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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 1:29pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

I took a turbolift to the bridge.

"All right!" I shouted, "Everyone to their stations, let's keep our eyes open for any Nomad presence. Mr. Slaavok, how much time do we have?"

"Approximately nine minutes."

"We have no time to waste, launch the fighters!"

The shuttlebay doors of the Akirs slid open, and three Gryphons flew smoothly out of it.

"Trent," I said into the comm. "you have only nine minutes, we will keep you informed of the status of the jumphole, just go and do what you have to do. Good luck! Akira out!"

The three fighters flew away and disappeared into the jumphole, I slumped down in my seat.

"I hope that that's I am not sending them on a suicide mission." I said.

"It is our only chance, they are the best candidates for the mission, the choice is logical." Slaavok reasoned.

"I certainly hope so."

"Mrs. Kamel," I ordered, "begin monitoring the commlinks."

"Yes sir.

Within seconds we were in sync with the squadron's radio traffic.

"This is Trent, we are through, everyone's right. Now heading to the Nomad lair, no boogies."

"Good." I said, "I hate to state the obvious but keep your eyes open."

"Got it, Trent out."

"Boogies? Sir?" Alisha asked.

"A slang term used by pilots," I explained, "it means hostiles."


"Wow...." King gasped, "Look at the size of that thing."

The Nomad lair.... Large as expected.

"Wait a minute, what are those.... Nomads! They're everywhere!"

"It's an ambush!" Jun'ko yelled in shock.

I shifted uneasily in my seat, I looked at the status readouts of the three fighters. They were taking fire but the shields held. I glanced over the remaining time.

"Eight minutes, people." I informed.

"I am detecting an way in...." King mused, "But it's heavily shielded.... Trent, there are three shield generators along the perimeter of the lair, destroy them, and perhaps that will bring the shield down."

"On it."

A few mini-quantum torpedoes later, the first generator was destroyed.

"First generator is down," Jun'ko said, "I am detecting a drop in the power of that shield, two more to go!"

"Seven minutes." Garon reminded.

A few rounds of strafing was all it took to take another generator down.

"Hurry!" I shouted, "One more to go! Six minutes left!"

Strum suddenly bolted straight with surprise.
"Captain," he said, "we are in trouble. Two Nomad gunboats with full escort, incoming!"

"I had expected that, open fire!"

"The last generator is down!" Trent shouted in joy, "I am going in, hang on guys."

The Akira fired a full spread of quantum torpedoes, several missed and hit the asteroids which were in abundance in this area of space. But the rest puntured the outer membranes of a Nomad gunboat and the detonation turned it inside out. Organic fragments splattered all over the asteroids, and some bounced off the Akira's hull harmlessly.

The Nomads opened up and several shots hit the Akira, the bridge jerked slightly.

"I've got the power cell," Trent said, "now let's run!"

"You'd better hurry," I urged, "2 minutes! And we've got trouble at this side."

The Akira literally fried a wing of Nomad fighters, their organic bodies sizzling as the water content in the ships were forcefully turned to vapor.

"We are almost there!" Jun'ko yelled.

"Ten seconds!" Garon screamed.










The wormhole gave a blinding flash, then disappeared.

In it's place were our three fighters.

"Just at the nick of time!" Trent said.

I sighed in relief, "Good work! Get back to the Akira and let's get the blazes out of here."

"Would be glad to," Trent offered, "but why don't we take those fighters down for you first?"

"Be my guest." I replied, after all, he was one of the best, if not the best, pilot in the whole Sirius Sector.

With Trent's help the battle ended swiftly, with victory on our side and defeat, obviously, on the other. After we had dispatched the last Nomad vessels, we began our return trip.

But when we were approaching Toledo orbit, we saw a startling sight.

A Nomad Armada had decloaked and began bombarding the Order base, ignoring any vessels that stood in their way.

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Friday, January 23rd 2009, 4:20pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

"Incoming broadcast!" Kamel shouted, "It's the Monarch! Audio only."

"All ships, the Nomads are determined to blow the Order base straight to hell, and we must not let that happen. The base shields and defense systems can hold the smaller crafts off, but those bloody battleships are going to raze the base if nothing is done! Concentrate fire on the Nomad Battleships!"

Although Miles seemed calm, his use of swear words had betrayed his fear. And if even one of Starfleet's best Commodores got frightful, it was obvious that we were in deep, hot waters.

"There are three battleships bombarding the planet, our ships are engaging two of them while one of them is free from fire. Your orders, sir?" Strum asked.

"Fire at the nearest Nomad battleship," I ordered, "hit them fast and hard, throw whatever we have at it!"

"Yes sir!"

Our target happened to be the battleship that was not engaged by our forces. The battleship's escorts were drawn into battle and left us with a golden chance for an attack run.

The Akira dived into battle, her phasers blazed and quantum torpedoes streamed out of her numerous torpedo tubes.

The Nomad Battleship began buckling from the intense fire. One of it's leafy blades was blown off. But the main hull held.

Strum turned the ship about for another attack run.

"We are going to get him this time!" He promised.

And he kept the promise. Intense Phaser bursts bore a large hole at the Nomad ship's outer hull, exposing the delicate internal organs of the living starship. Four quantums finished the job, and the battleship erupted into a blinding flash.

The rest of the Nomad ships charged their cruise engines and retreated.

"Good work," Miles applauded, "Akira, it was a feat blowing the battleship without help. We took the other two down, and the Nomads, left without a battleship, instantly turn tail and ran."

"This also seems to conform to our theory that Nomad battleships serves as the command and control vessels of the Nomad Armada," he continued, "without their guidance, the lesser Nomads will quickly scatter and retreat."

"We are being hailed by the Order base, sir," Kamel informed, "onscreen."

The starfield on the viewscreen flickered into Quintaine standing in a lab in the Order base.

"Everyone," he said, "we had figured out how to turn this tinker toy into a weapon. Akira, bring us the power cell. And please hurry, the Nomads will attack again soon, and I doubt if we can hold this time."

"In that case," Orillion said, "I will have to arrange for the evacuation of the Base."

"We will assist in any way we can," Miles offered, "just ask."

"Thank you. Akira, we had sent coordinates for your transporters to transport the cell to."

"Coordinates received, sir, standing by for transport." Kamel said.

"Go ahead." I replied.

"Lowering shields.... The Nomad power cell had been successfully transported."

"All right." I sighed and collapsed into the Captain's chair. "I am getting a little tired of this. I got into Starfleet to see the stars, the wonders of the universe, magnificent nebulae, shimmering stars and natural beauties like that, not to get myself caught in a tangled mess of conspiracies and combat."

"Don't worry, Captain," Garon reassured, "this is going to be over soon, if we can get the tinker toy weapon to work, the Nomad threat will be neutralized, and we can get back to exploration."

"What if we can't?" I argued, "We don't even know what exactly it does, and-"

"Captain," Slaavok cut in, "I had received details of Professor Quintaine's research, the artifact is technically not a weapon that destroys the Nomads, instead, it is able to activate a Hypergate and forcefully transport all of them to a random hypergate. This process is damaging and even lethal to some of the weaker Nomads, but the stronger ones will be able to survive."

"Then some day they will find their way back," I said, "and haunt us again."

"I believe the Order will stand guard and stop any Nomad incursion should there be any." Garon answered.

I sighed again, "I need a rest.... Garon, you take the bridge. I am going to the bar."

After a turbolift ride, I walked into the bar, and asked Forjor for a glass of cold water. I spotted Intrepid Trio sitting around a large table at the edge of the bar. Drinks in their hands, I made my way towards them.

"So...." I asked, "Did you like the Gryphons?"

"I had expected that question." Jun'ko replied, "the controls are a bit weird, but otherwise flying it was a breeze. I had to thank you for lending us these ships. I can list out many close calls that could have killed us back there, if we flew in our own fighters."

"I had fallen in love, Captain," Trent said, "and I can't get myself out of it."

"Hell yeah, she's a lifesaver." King sipped from his glass, "Too bad it was loaned equipment, she's way better than my Patriot."

"Ha," Trent snickered, "who's flying a pile of junk now?"

King's face cycled through several different shades or red, his held up his fists.

"What did you say?!" He hissed like a overloading warp core.

I decided to take action before the situation escalates into a full-blown, all-out bar brawl.

I stood between the two men, barring King from landing punches on Trent.

"Now, I don't accept bar fights occurring on board our ship," I warned, "at least not in my watch. Stop at once or I am forced to deport you two from the Akira."

King shot a murderous glance at me, and slumped back in his seat like a defeated Klingon.

I then turned to Trent. "Now, Mr Trent, if you don't want to get a punch right at the face, please watch your words next time."

Trent merely rolled his eyes and returned to drinking. It was then I noticed that his drink was a Vintage Romulan Ale. Where he got that I didn't know. And I didn't want to know.

I found an empty chair and dragged it the the Trio's table.

"So, what were you talking about when I arrived?" I asked.

"Well, mostly talking about ourselves, more specifically our past." Trent answered, "I used to be a mechanic on Leeds before I took to the stars. I couldn't just sit on a planet fixing people's ships while new alien artifacts are being discovered in the Edge Worlds. I took my life savings, bought a ship, and set off to look for wealth, glory, stuff like that.... Then came my life's worst blunder, as if fate wanted to torture me."

"What was it?" I asked.

"I managed to secure what I thought was the deal of a lifetime... A Samura freighter was hauling several tons of boron around. But wanted the profit for himself. I brought the boron with the rest of my savings, and planned to sell it for a ludicrous profit. Well, I suppose I am condemned to a hard life. I had found someone who will buy it for a million credits, and the deal took place in Freeport 7."

"So you were one of the Freeport 7 survivors.... Wait...." I remembered seeing him somewhere before.... No... twice. "Were you present on the Akira when we rescued the survivors from Freeport 7? And the confrontation between us, a Brandon Rowlett, and three heavily armed Defenders?"


"I see.... Interesting.... Let me tell you people my story." I took a gulp of water, then began, "I entered Starfleet Academy when I was 17, and majored medical. After I graduated, I was made the Chief Medical Officer, CMO, of a Starfleet ship called the Antares. She was a old Constitution Class Starship, but refitted with the newest technology available. I and my captain had many great adventures together."

"The turning point of my career what was known as the K-7 Accident. The Antares was at final approach to Starbase Deep Space K-7 when her naviagional computer suddenly went wary. Despite the helmsman's efforts, the Antares smashed into the side of the station. I was in the sickbay, filling in a few reports as that happened. After overcoming the initial shock, I went on and did what I had to do-I grabbed a few medkits, and rushed along with the medical crew to the wounded's aid."

"We managed to save 36 lives that day. And every medical crew that participated in the rescue of the station's crew were awarded the Christopher Pike's Medal of Valor and got an official commendation. I was immediately promoted to Commander in addition to that. But even now, I felt it was a bit superfluous. All I did was what I had to do-the very duties of a Medical Officer, I was merely doing my job."

"The Antares, sadly, was beyond repair, and we became crews without a ship. Most of us found new assignments within a few months, but I had other plans-I decided to take command of a starship-I returned to the Academy again, this time studying Command Track. As I was already a Starfleet officer, I could skip many courses and exams, and I finished the whole course six months later. Then I got promoted to Captain, and was assigned with the Akira-this ship. This is her first mission, and we had already stepped into the hailstorm."

I was about to elaborate my adventures on the Antares when my combadge beeped.

"Captain Sy here."

"Captain," Garon said, "Orillion wants all commanding officers, Trent, Mrs. Zane and King to meet him in the Order Base. It's urgent."

"Got it. Computer, four to beam, to Toledo Order Base, energize."

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Monday, January 26th 2009, 5:40pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

We were led into a small chamber deep underground in the Order Base. President Jacobi, Orillion, Commodore Miles, Captains Powell, Sornek, Johnson of the Thunderchild, Quintaine and Sinclair were waiting for us.

The chamber was roughly hexagonal shaped. Alien parchments, sealed between two layers of glass, were placed in a circular pattern around the room. A circular platform in the middle of the chamber took up much of the space of the room. A sophisticated scientific instrument was mounted on one side of the platform, Sinclair was working on it's controls, and was too concentrated to notice our arrival. In the middle of the platform, sitting on a tripod, was Trent's artifact. The very thing that sparked the whole crisis.

"Welcome, people, you are just in time." Orillion said, "I will leave Doctor Quintaine to explain the rest."

"Thank you." The doctor began, "What we are looking at is an ancient Dom'Kavosh device that is capable to trigger what we call a hypergate, and doubled as a starmap to all sectors known to the Dom'Kavosh. By modifying the phase variance of the pulse signal used to activate the hypergate, the Nomads could be thrown to another gate, galaxies away. it will take them millions of years just to return to Sirius Sector-"

"Please," Jacobi pleaded, "I am just a simple politician."

"All this technobable is making my head spin." Powell added.

Quintaine paused for a moment, pondering how to express the complex theories in a layman way.

"In simpler terms," Sinclair said, "it will transport all of the Nomads to a galaxy far, far away."

"I remember hearing that somewhere." I commented.

"From some holonovel, I suppose." Miles answered.

"Ah yes."

"We want you here, though, is to let you see this..." Sinclair said, and typed something into the control panel.

The lights in the chamber darkened.

A purple beam of light shot out of the scientific instrument, striking the artifact, it began to glow and hummed loudly.

Jacobi stepped back, fearing that the artifact might do something silly, for example, explode.

The rest were too awed to move.

The humming continued to grow in intensity, almost to the point of being unbearable. Then purple rays shot out from the artifact in random directions, barely missing us.

Soon the rays found their mark on the parchments, and the beams grew steady, from aimless bursts to focused solid beams. As the each beam stroke the parchments, strange symbols began forming on them.

I was examining one of the parchments when I suddenly felt very numb, and fell onto the floor, unconscious.

I woke up minutes later, absolutely unsure about what had happened with me. Miles helped me up. And I was still inside the chamber.

"What happened?" I asked.

"One of it's beam hit you." He answered, "It did yield us something interesting, though."

A holographic starmap floated above the artifact. With the strange symbols I saw on the parchments denoting star sectors. One particular sector was pulsating with light. Quintaine pointed at it.

"This, is where we are." He stated. He then did something to the controls so that it began zooming. Before long, I could make out a familiar star system-Omicron Major.

In orbit of a holographic version of Toledo were small models of the Osiris, Monarch, Suruga, Akira and the Thunderchild.

"Impressive." Orillion said.

"What's more impressive lies ahead." Quintaine said, excitement in his voice.

The holograph panned to an obscure part of the system, and veiled behind a nebula, was a strange triangular object. At such a diminished size, it could fit in my palms, but the real thing must be immense, as even the holographic Monarch was only slightly longer than my little finger.

"This is the Dom'Kavosh jumpgate that leads to the hypergate." Quintaine said.

The holograph zoomed out, then zoomed into a sphere. At first we thought it was a planet, but soon it became clear that it was a gigantic structure with a radius of several Astronomical Units.

It was a Dyson Sphere.

The holograph panned again, went through a large door on the side of the sphere. Inside was a whole system, a green sun provided illumination, and monolithic pieces of rock formed some sort of space Stonehenge around a moon-sized, again rock like, structure.

"May I present you.... The hypergate."

"So that's it?" King asked.

"No...." Sinclair muttered, "Something's strange.... The gate seems to have a pre-set destination.... I wonder what it is...."

She began tapping the controls.

The holograph flashed and flickered, then showed another image of the interior of a Dyson Sphere, but the sun was different, it was yellow, and I could recognize it as a Type-G star.

And a large fleet was prowling inside the sphere.... Upon closer inspection, the ships were Klingon! This was the very Sphere in which the Enterprise-D found the USS Jenolan in!

"What are the Klingons doing there?!" Powell asked.

"They knew that the Nomads will come again," Miles answered, "and after our alert, had sent a large fleet to 'Welcome' them."

On cue, the chamber shook and we heard a rather loud and disturbing rumble. A Order lieutenant rushed into the room, breathless.

"Sir! We are under attack! It's the Nomads! They've come in force! Six battleships!"

"What?!" Orillion swore softly under his breath, "Evacuate the base! Land the transports at the Osiris."

"We've got to return to our ships! Miller to Monarch, one to beam, energize!"

"All right, pilots," I said, "this is it, get a Gryphon and do what you can! Akira, four to beam, energize!"




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Wednesday, March 4th 2009, 10:08am

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Very good story sir, btw is there a gryphon fighter mod out there?

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Tuesday, March 24th 2009, 4:18am

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

After materializing in the transport room, I and the pilots hurried off on our separate ways. When I got to the bridge, Trent and Co. had already launched.

"Status report?" I requested.

"At least six Nomad battleships, sir," Strum answered, "they are really going to force their way through this one."

"Not good, definitely not good." I commented, "Strum, engage at will, don't save on those quantum torpedoes."

"Yes sir!"

Strum picked a target and fired.

A full burst of Quantum torpedoes flew out of the weapons pod, found their mark, and struck one of the gigantic, ghostly, jellyfish-like starships. It began leaking some sort of liquid through the gaping wound the torpedoes made. I wondered what that liquid was, high energy plasma? Coolant? Blood?

"Direct hit!" Strum shouted.

"This is Miller to all ships, we have to cover those transports evacuating the planet, Akira, pull back, forget about that battleship, it's not in range to intercept our transports."

"You heard him, Alisha, bring us closer to the convoy."

"But sir!" Strum argued, "We are almost done with it."

"It ain't going anywhere at this shape anyway," I reasoned, "let's leave it here, the convoy is more important."

"Okay sir."

A convoy transport was under heavy bombardment from a battleship, the Akira swooped in between them and shielded the transport from further blasts.

"Strum, fire!" I ordered.

Pylons of light rose from the hull of the Akira and stabbed into the Nomad battleship.

It was a spectacular lightshow but not much damage had been done.

"Sir! Their skins are too thick, the phasers will have a hard time punching through!"


"Still loading, 25 seconds left!"

We didn't have twenty-five seconds. Our shields couldn't last long under such intense fire.

"Strum, set phasers to maximum! Try to hit it right at that glowing bit there, it may be it's weakness!"

"Aye, sir!"

The next phaser strike managed to penetrate the thick skins of the battleship, but only a feeble beam managed to hit the interior of the battleship.

It was a mere pinprickle to the giant, but it was a pinprickle to the heart.

"Sir! The energy signature of the battleship is fluctuating drastically. Interior pressure dropping rapidly.... It is unable to maintain integrity." Slaavok said.

"Well, target destroyed!" Strum concluded.

The whole battleship began glowing, until it was brighter than the core of a sun, then it exploded into trillions of microscopic fragments.

"Thank you, Akira, we owe you one." The captain of the stricken transport said.

"Don't mention it, just get to the Osiris at your best speed." I replied.


The raging fire in space seemed to die down, perhaps we've won? And the evacuation could be called off.

"Sir," Kamel said, "the Monarch is signaling. Onscreen."

"This is Miller, I think the Nomads are beaten back for now, we've taken down most of the battleships, and-"

All hopes of victory were shattered as another, larger Nomad armada decloaked. They were determined that today is the last day the Order will resist them and foil their plans.

"Forget that," Miller sighed, "all ships engage!"

"Sir, we are being hailed by the Order base, onscreen."

"Captain Sy," Orillion said, behind him were Order personnel hastily evacuating the base, "we have managed to complete the tinker toy weapon, come and beam it up. I and the remaining personnel will take the last transport."

"Understood. Alisha, standard orbit." I ordered.

"On it."

"This is the Monarch," Miles barged in, "Akira, we will cover you. Orillion, are you done down there? We can't hold on for long!"

"Five more minutes is all I need."

"All right, we will try."

Within seconds we had achieved orbit and transported the 'Tinker Toy' to our cargo hold. Our fleet couldn't stop the sea of Nomad vessels and some smaller ships had managed to break through our blockade and began strafing targets on the planet.

"Orillion, watch out!" Miles called, "One of the battleships' in orbital bombardment range!"

On cue a blue lance of pure energy streaked out of the tip of that particular battleship, and hit the Order base. Dead center.

"Damnit!!!" I shouted, "Orillion, can you hear me?!"

"I am safe and onboard the last transport. We had escaped at the nick of time." He was unusually calm after such a close call.

"Good." I wiped the sweat off my forehead, "Let's get out of here."

"All ships enter formation pattern Delta-2." Miles announced, "I am uploading destination coordinates."

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Tuesday, June 30th 2009, 6:50pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57776.83

We had managed to evacuate all remaining Order personnel to the Osiris. The Order Base on Toledo now lies in ruins... And now it is time for our final assault.

We had located a Nomad jumpgate that leads directly to the outskirts of the Dyson Sphere housing the Nomad city and the hypergate. It is situated close to our current position, and is the source of the numerous Nomad incursions to the Omicron Major System.

The gate will no doubt be very heavily guarded. But we have to break through no matter what. The fate of the Four Houses of Sirius and the whole Alpha Quadrant lies in our hands.

Once we get into the Dyson Sphere, we will use Trent's artifact, also known as the "The Tinker Toy" to open the hypergate. If all goes well, all Nomad presence in the Sirius Sector will be sucked into the hypergate, and be deposited on the other side.... Where a Klingon Armada await their arrival. While I shudder at the idea of genocide, this is perhaps the only way to end this crisis....

I hate to admit it, but our chances are pretty low on this one, the odds are stacked against us, and we only have the Akira, Monarch, Thunderchild, T'Kumbra, Suruga, Osiris, Walker's LNS Utah and a handful of fighters to save two galaxies.... I am afraid that this may be our final log entry...... Computer, delete previous paragraph.

There is no turning back. Everything hinges on this. We will not fail.

End of log.

The commanding officers of the ships and squadrons gathered on the conference room of the Osiris for a final briefing.

Miles led the Starfleet Captains in, myself, Captains Sornek, Powell, and Johnson followed the Commodore in.

In the middle of the room was a huge table with a holographic tactical screen in the center. Orillion, Trent, King, Jun'ko, Walker, Herr Von Claussen, Lord Hakkera and a couple other people I haven't met before were already in their seats, waiting for us.

We found our chairs and sat down.

Orillion wasted no time in introductions, and got straight to the point.

"Okay, people, here's the deal: The Akira, Commanded by Captain Sy, will be carrying the Tinker Toy, the Starfleet Task Force will cover him while the Osiris and our squadrons will clear they way for the Akira. We cannot fully expect anything except maximum resistance, is it clear?"

There was no need to speak, everyone nodded simultaneously.

"Good, Trent, you will lead Alpha, Jun'ko, you lead Beta, King, you lead Gamma, I will command from the Osiris. We will begin the attack at 1900 hours, so that four hours for you to prepare. Don't screw up. people, dismissed."

Half an hour later I was working with my crew (or more accurately, working my crew) to rig the tinker toy up with the deflector array.

Mr. Chabot was the ship's engineer. He was totally obsessed with his job, and the warp core, according to him. It was his request that his station be placed at the warp core deck, where he is closer to the action, than on the bridge, I granted that request almost instantly, but now I somewhat regretted it, as I had little chance to meet him and knowing him better. Still, he worked admirably, and the rigging up was done in record time- 28.54 minutes.

To congratulate the now exhausted engineering crew, I invited them to the ship's bar to relax.

I didn't feel like chatting with them, though, as a Captain I believed that there's ought to be something other than this that better deserve my attention. But I could find none.

The next two hours passed with me and the crew casually exchanging sentences.

With one hour left, I assembled the bridge crew in the conference room.

"I am not a fan of excessively long meaningless speeches so I will keep this short." I began, "We've been together for only a few months, and we've been thrown into the fire right at our first mission. For an unexperienced crew I have to say that we've done pretty well, but that is nothing to be proud of. One hour later we must outdo ourselves. We cannot afford any mistakes on this one. We must not keep our level of performance, we need to exceed it. If we say that this whole adventure is our trial by fire, then this will be the final examination. So let's get geared up, people. Everyone should do what they can to increase our chances of success. Now let's get going!"

I was the last one to leave the room, Strum promised to optimize the ship's tactical systems. Slaavok will remodulate the shields from the Nomad weapons data we accumulated from previous engagements, so that it will be more effective against Nomad weapons. Alisha went to tune up the ship's maneuvering systems. Kamel worked on figuring out the Nomads' method of communication. Miranda prepped the sickbay for causalities. Chabot ran off to do some last-minute calibrations to the deflectors and the warp core. Drayla and her team readied themselves to repel boarders, if there are any. Garon and I had the most comfortable, yet the most difficult job:Studying the tactics used by the Nomads and develop a counter-tactic.

We watched the replays of past battles all over and over again, from nearly every point of view possible. Trying to find some patterns in their behavior. For minutes we found none, and as time passed we became more frustrated, but just when we were about to give up, suddenly everything resolved themselves.

The Nomad ships work with a certain degree of autonomy, but we knew that in each battle, there must be a commander. And that commander is, surprisingly, not necessarily the most protected ship in the battle, sometimes it could be fighting in the front, sometimes hanging back, and even sometimes pretending to be damaged and disengaging. But still, the Nomads still keep an effort to make sure that no harm is done to the commander, but the escort were too sparse, their patterns too random, for us to notice that they were actually escorts. But still, they managed to do their job effectively.

With this new information, I felt a bit more confident when I went up to the bridge, for the last battle.

(This fic is not dead! Cortical simulators!!)

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Saturday, July 4th 2009, 5:42pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

The bridge crew were at their positions, all alert and confident, they looked at me at unison, their eyes glittered with encouragement. They nodded at me, and I nodded back to him. We all knew what we had to do.

I slid into the captain's chair. The bridge was neat and tidy, white light reflected off the surface of my console. The Akira was ready and able for everything.

"Red alert! All hands to battlestations!" I shouted.

"Yes sir!" Garon replied, tapping away at his console, everything on the bridge was promptly basked in a dark, blood-red light. "Red alert, shields up!"

"Phasers capacitors charging to full capacity, loading quantum torpedoes in all tubes." Strum reported.

"Sir, Commodore Miller is signaling." Kamel said.

"Everyone, I hope you are ready, we will move out now. Good luck."

"Formation pattern Delta-6, follow the Monarch!" I ordered.

The impulse engines lit up in a bright glow of neon-red.

The asteroids and dust particles of the nebula zoomed past us as we began leaving the nebula. Every sensor in the fleet on sharp lookout for Nomad vessels.

Leading the way were our fighter wings, which were closely followed by the Osiris, with the Monarch and us flanking her.

The nebular gases began to fade, and space ahead began to clear up.

Right in front of us was our first target:The Nomad jumpgate that leads to the outskirts of the Dyson sphere!

It wasn't guarded though, at least it looked so, but we all knew a whole lot of Nomad ships were waiting under their cloaks, ready to stalk us at the first opportunity.

The Nomads were quick to react, as soon as we had the whole gate in clear sight, two Nomad battleships, several gunboats and dozens of fighters decloaked and began firing.

"All ships, break and engage!" Miles shouted over the comm.

"Sturm, attack pattern Zeta-3!"

"Yes sir!"

The Akira banked starboard, evading a stream of bolts from a Nomad battleship. The Thunderchild returned fire, blowing one of it's leafy blades off.

The Akira did a backflip, and snapped a burst of torpedoes off at the battleship, a gunboat got in the way, and was vaporized.

Trent's wing was busy taking on another Nomad battleship with the Osiris providing fire support. The Monarch swooped in from an high angle and let loose with her torpedoes. It was a direct hit, and the battleship was blown in half.

The rest of our ships opened up on the Nomads, and the battle was finished within minutes, with us losing only a few fighters.

That was the easy part, though, the hardest part awaits us on the other side of the gate.

As the dust settled, our fleet prepared to enter the gate.

"This is the Monarch, follow us in."

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Monday, July 6th 2009, 4:31pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

The gate was one heck of a ride. The wall of the phase-conduit flashed wildly with light of various colors. The inertial compensators of the Akira couldn't handle the sheer stress and we were glad we were strapped to our seats with seatbelts, and the rest of the crew secured before we entered the gate.

After what seemed forever, the tunnel of dazzling lights finally came to an end. We were deposited on the other side.

When the Dyson sphere was displayed on the viewscreen we were all too awed to speak or move. Directly in front of us was a gigantic wall. We were so close to the sphere, and the sphere so large that we couldn't notice it's curvature and it appeared to be perfectly flat.

The wall seemed to be made of ancient stone, with strange, alien patterns all over it. A section on the sphere was surrounded with strange towers, each kilometers tall. In the center of the array of towers were four circular wells, arranged to form a square with trenched joining the wells. At the middle of the square was a strange, round stone circle.

My instincts told me that that circle was the way in, but I had to be sure.

"Mr. Slaavok, scan that circular object over there!" I ordered.

"Yes sir, scanning."

Out of the blue an energy hemisphere lit up, covering the entry hatch. The center of the wells lit up with pure energy. And then hundreds of Nomad ships decloaked.

"Sir," Slaavok reported, "I am detecting power generators in the four wells providing power to the shield protecting the entryway, which is the circular stone formation under the shield."

"We need to take them out, Kamel, inform the fleet!" I shouted.

"Aye captain!"

Kamel began transmitting the coordinates of the generators to the rest of our ships.

"Damnit, we can't last too long under this sort of fire!" Miles yelled over the comm, "We need to get in, fast, all ships, concentrate on those power generators!"

"Strum, pick a generator and give it all we've got!" I ordered.

"Sir yes sir!"

The Akira hurled a hailstorm of destructive energy at a generator. The Monarch pounded away on another one, Trent led his fighters into the trench, and began gunning at the third generator, the rest of us busied themselves with providing us with cover and taking potshots at the generators.

"Sir." Slaavok said calmly, even amidst the largest furball the whole crew including him had ever seen, "I am reading a breach at the top hemisphere of the generator-"

His report was cut off by a blinding light, a few seconds later it died down.

"One down! Three to go!" Strum could barely contain himself.

Another blinding flash.

"That makes two." Miles said, "Now let's give some due attention to that lone generator out there."

Then another one.

"This is Trent, generator down!"

"Excellent! All ships, focus on the final generator."

The last generator couldn't hold on for long under intense bombardment from every ship in the fleet, soon it gave way to another blinding white light.

"The shield generator is down," called Miles, "I am detecting something.... The hatch is opening up, everyone, get in!"

"Alisha, take us in." I said, bracing myself for whatever that may be on the other side....

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Saturday, July 11th 2009, 5:16pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Imagine a planet turned inside-out, That's how the insides of a Dyson sphere looked like. Oceans, lakes, cities and towns took up any available space on the sphere, presumably settled by it's creators:The Dom'Kavosh.

While any unprepared individual may gasp in awe at the sight of such a structure. I wasn't too surprised by it, as I had seen it in the starmap, and it was exactly as it appeared on the map, only a few trillion times larger.

The sphere enclosed a small, green sun, there were no planets inside-they were most likely taken apart for raw materials to build the gigantic sphere.

Beside the green sun was the Nomad city I saw earlier on the starmap, at the first glance it was little than a large piece of irregular space rock surrounded by other, smaller pieces of space rocks, but beneath it's rocky crust laid sophisticated mechanisms of unknown purposes.

Another beholding sight was the immense Nomad swarm that stood between us and the city, it was obvious that we couldn't destroy them all. The swarm was so thick that it resembled a school of fish found on Earth than anything else.

Our only choice was to charge through and hope that the Tinker Toy works.

"Miller to all starfleet ships," Miles said over the comm, "we must cover the Akira! Osiris, do you think you can punch a hole in their lines?"

"We are on it." Orillion replied, "All wings, engage."

"Akira," Miles said, "you've got the easy job. Just charge right at the city, once you get in range, you know what to do. We will cover you, but don't count entirely on us. Watch yourselves out there."

"Got it." I replied. "Strum, target at will, Alisha, full impulse to the city. Slaavok, I don't care how you do it but the shields must hold!"

The Akira's engines hummed with power as the ship broke it's own speed record, smartly dodging the energy bolts thrown at her. The other starfleet vessels formed a protective cocoon around the Akira, while the Order ships fended the Nomads off.

But the unthinkable happened when we were halfway there. Slaavok suddenly looked up from his instruments and reported a new development that made things nearly twice as hectic.

"Sir. I am picking up an energy signature around the city.... There is a shield around the city, it must be taken down before our device can work."

I struggled to keep myself from swearing aloud.

"Is there a way to shut it down?" Garon asked.

"The shield is powered by the smaller structures around the main city.... I believe that we have to destroy two of these structure before the shield falls."

"Kamel, get Miller on line!" I shouted.

"Yes sir."

"Miles! The city is protected by a shield, we must blow at least two of those smaller rockish things before it goes down and the Tinker Toy can work! We can take care of ourselves, you go and take them down!"

"Understood, all ships, concentrate fire on one of those structures."

Our cover broke off, and we continued on our way, braving wave after wave of Nomads.

We were almost there. The city was in sight, and I could see the blue shield around the main complex. It drew energy from the several large rocks around it, and numerous smaller outcroppings floated around them.

The mere shape of the outcroppings explained it's purpose:They were turrets designed to protect the facility! One quickly turned at us and fired.

We never expected a rock to shoot at us, and so the Akira took the hit square-on.

"Status report!" I yelled.

"Shields holding at 54%, sir!" Garon answered.

"Evasive maneuvers! Pronto!"

Just as we were trying to weave through a whole mess of shooting rocks, Miles and his task force had cut one of the satellites to pieces.

"One more and that's it!" Miles shouted over the comm. "Akira, get in position, we will be done sooner than you think!"

"Roger wilco!" I replied.


"Nevermind that, I will explain later. Alisha, take us in range."

"Sir," Alisha protested, "That will make us sitting ducks!"

"We only need to hang in for a few seconds! Slaavok, do whatever you can to keep the shields up!"

"Yes sir."

The Akira aligned her deflector dish at the pinnacle of the city. And eased into a halt.

"I hate being like this, captain." Alisha complained, "we could be blown away any minute."

"Let's hope Commodore Miller's battlegroup makes a more obvious target than us." Garon sighed.

The Nomads of course did notice such an obvious "target" we made ourselves of and tried their very best to exploit it, we were pounded by gigacycles of destructive energy. But the shields held.

Then Slaavok broke out the bad news.

"Sir, we must channel all of our ship's power into the defector grid when we activate the device. Which means we will have no shields."

"Damn." I commented. "Garon, tell the crew to secure themselves and any loose objects!"

"Oh great." Alisha looked as if she was about to strangle herself. "Just great...."

"But we still have armor, maybe it can take a shot or two." Strum offered.

"The prospects are not good but-" I tried to encourage the crew.

"This is Miller, second satellite down!"

"The shield is decreasing in integrity...." Slaavok reported, "We can activate now."

"Then what are you waiting for? DO IT!" I screamed.

The bridge was filled with the ominous sound of the shields lowering.

"We are so gonna die." Alisha whimpered, "Oh we are so gonna die.... Dad, mum, sis.... I loved you."

An energy sheath coated the Akira. It started out transparent, but in seconds grew of a blinding light, I shielded my eyes with my arm.

The hull began jolting, either due to the sheer energy being channeled through the deflectors of being shot at, or both.

The jolting became increasingly violent, I was about to worry for the ship's hull integrity when suddenly....

The sheath melted into a solid beam, coming straight out of the deflector dish, striking the tip of the pinnacle of the Nomad city, then a gigantic rift formed right on top of it.

The Nomads flew into the rift, but not under their own power. It sucked the Nomads in like a black hole, some tried to go against it, but were eventually dragged into the abyss. The rift grew more and more intense, until it turned into a blinding flash, and blinked into nothingness, leaving only us.

I lowered my arm. The bridge was still there. The crew was shaken but were still alive. Alisha slowly put her hands down, and revealed a tearful face-she was so scared that she cried when the Tinker Toy was turned on. Her face then grew red out of embarrassment.

"Well, for once, I did think that I was going to die." I said, partly to relief the tension, partly to state a fact.

Everyone on the bridge (probably except the Vulcan Slaavok) were flooded with emotion, I found myself grinning uncontrollably, before laughing out loud. Some of the crew also laughed, some cried, some both.

"Wohoo!" I threw my arms into the air, "we did it!"

"This is Miller, good job everyone, sensors are picking up no Nomads, I repeat, NO Nomads!" Miles tried to remain official, but he couldn't hide his joy in his jubilant voice.

"Hurrah!" Strum jumped into the air, one arm stretched to the ceiling.

"Watch it, don't punch the ceiling, you may break the ship to pieces." I joked.

"Right.... Captain, against all odds, we've pulled it off." Garon concluded, with all hints of satisfaction in his voice.

Kamel sang a Rigllian victory march to celebrate.

In an wholly unexpected move, Alisha wiped the tears from her eyes, leaped up, grabbed Strum, and kissed him passionately.

It was my turn to be supremely embarrassed. I looked for something to say regrading this situation. It was certain a breach in bridge professionalism and discipline, but who am I to ruin such a happy end to this affair?

At the end, it was Garon who speaked up.

"Alisha, you can save that for later, look, the captain's face is redder that yours."

"Thanks a lot, Garon." I mumbled sarcastically.

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